How to build communities in Slyk

How to build communities in Slyk

The Internet is a large community made up of millions of small communities. Social networks are home to most of these communities, but even the most static website written in HTML serves as a home for communities on the internet. E-commerce is one genre of an internet community. Slyk offers you and your community a place to thrive on the internet.

What role do communities play in Slyk?

Slyk is a two-tiered company, providing material that inspires people to live purpose-driven lives, as well as providing an e-commerce social media platform where people can share and scale what they create from. People who are living their slykigai are called slyksters. Slyksters are agents spreading a renewed vision for the community and purposeful living. Slyksters create physical and online communities of people who support them through purchasing products / services, while sharing their Slyk via word-of-mouth and on social media.

Slyk offers a free and easy-to-configure virtual store to sell products and services to both your physical and online communities.

For greater interaction between these communities and reaching slykcess, Slyk raises a marketplace focused on purpose-driven life through the Slykigai 21-Day Program. Those who have reached Slykigai will be ready to produce what they love, are good at doing, and the world is willing to pay for it.

Share, share, share

Slyk provides a dynamic digital environment by allowing slyksters (users on Slyk) to share content, success stories (of people who have become slykcessful), and Slykigai values ​​that inspire people to become slyksters. People in your community will benefit from using your products /services and sharing your link, which also benefits the growth of your Slyk.

Native tools to build your community in Slyk

Slyk growth tools.

There are tools specifically designed for your community to flourish and help you become slykcessful. You can use them by enabling the growth tools in the control panel of your slyk.  

Invite new users

To become slykcessful, you need users. People who will support you through thick and thin. These are people who are present in your physical and online communities, who follow your slykigai journey, and support you living a purpose driven life. You can develop your community by starting to build a network of 30 active users. 

Go to the summary section in your Slyk. Click, “Invite User”. Invite people to join your slyk by sending emails. When they say, “yes, of course!” to become a part of your slyk community, you can individually import their contact or import a whole address book (only from Gmail).

Share the link with your social networks and your friends on instant messaging applications.

Set up rewards

Use Slyk rewards to grow your community! Your community will earn money by sharing your link.

To learn more about the rewards, check out this article:

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