Slykigai is a journey of gratitude

Slykigai is a journey of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the main values ​​that characterize a person who has found his purpose. Those who have achieved Slykigai understand gratitude as a strong and precise snatch step. There is no success without a group of people who were behind it and to whom we owe it.

Gratitude for achieving Slykigai

The first discovery exercise proposed by the Slykigai 21-Day Program deals precisely with gratitude. We are asked to think of three people to whom we owe gratitude and to express it. I found myself thinking about who they could be and this does not mean that I did not have many people to thank, on the contrary. I realized that I was not being grateful enough.

So I took my contacts and called or wrote to everyone who in one way or another made me the person I am today. Some did not even know that they had been part of this personal growth and were surprised, others appreciated my words, others were no longer there to listen to me but I also had them in mind.

Gratitude leads you to the Slykcess

Slykcess is the acronym for Slyk and success (success) and it is precisely about achieving success through Slyk, a platform developed based on gratitude. The people who buy your product appreciate what you are putting in their hands and those who share your link earn rewards as gratitude, and thus everything is part of the cycle.

Not only is it comforting to have practiced gratitude with others, but you also build a path that leads to helping others. If people do it with you, you will do it with other people and those will contribute to the sharing of good in humanity.

There will always be people behind our slykcess, it is a fact. Then let them know.

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