How to grow your sales on Slyk by offering rewards

How to grow your sales on Slyk by offering rewards

Rewards are an easy way to grow your sales on Slyk. You can incentivize users in your community to share your link on their social networks. Selling products and services online allows you to earn passive income while you sleep and configuring rewards is a great way to boost your Slyk activity.

How rewards work in Slyk

There are two types of incentive rewards that can be implemented:

  1. A percentage of sales proceeds that you share with people send you new business via their unique share link. 
  2. An incentive for marketing actions in online communities and social networks where you want to show your products and services
Slyk dashboard panel.
Slyk Growth Tools

Rewards for people who share your link

Your community of users are natural ambassadors for your Slyk. Once you have configured your Slyk, go to Growth Tools > Referral Rewards and enter the percentage that you want to give to the people who share your link. The default is 5% but you can go as high as 20% or as low as 0%. Play around with it! 

Each user has a unique link to your Slyk that they can share (found in the ‘Earn’ tab of the Slyk app). You will get a reward every time someone makes a purchase through the link that you’ve shared. Here’s an example:

You invites Paul to join Pete’s Slyk (Referral Reward set to 10%), Paul buys $100 worth of something, and you earns $10.

Marketing rewards

If you’re doing well with, congrats on being “slykcessful”! So maybe you want to take the next step with marketing rewards, which incentivizes your community to share your link on their social networks. Here’s an example:

Pete pays Annie and Paul for sharing his link on Facebook; Annie and Paul earn $5

To activate marketing rewards just go to Growth Tools > Marketing Rewards and try it out! 

Can I use Slyk without offering rewards?

Yes, of course. However, Slyk is optimized for growth, so you should check out the growth tools and see how they can work for you.

By offering rewards you are allowing users in your community to earn money while they share your product / service. This will inspire other members in your community to also share your link and not leave empty-handed.

If you do not feel comfortable offering money as a reward, you can also create a points system, giving discounts to users who share your link and successfully bring in sales. To activate your points system, go to Growth Tools > Reward Setup.

Slyk’s rewards are a win-win situation because you earn when someone else earns. Use rewards to grow your business and achieve “slykcess”!

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