Slykigai as a journey to individual freedom

Slykigai as a journey to individual freedom

Freedom cannot exist without purpose. A person without a purpose is living in slavery; he is a slave to work, circumstances, the market, companies, and governments. Sovereignty begins with a journey towards purpose and the ticket is Slykigai.

Discover, productize and power your purpose with Slykigai

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After starting my Slykigai journey, I found myself freer, even from myself and my darkest thoughts. I had an inner struggle between the desperate search for survival (i.e. money) and continuing my creative work as a poet. Literature does not make money in the short term, but now, I have begun to generate spiritual and material wealth by writing to inspire others to find their purpose.

Slykigai is the reason we jump out of bed every morning. It’s the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs from you, and what you can be paid for. Apply this to a powerful e-commerce tool, a platform we call “Soul Software”:

Slyk.IO as a liberating tool

Slyk is more than a mere multi-currency e-commerce platform to sell your products and services. Thanks to Slyk, an artist can activate their entrepreneurial spirit and inspire others by productizating their creative process.

A Yoga teacher can offer sessions. A poet can sell books. A nature lover can offer their experience as a hiking guide. An agro-sustainable community can become a regional business and offer its products online. Everything is possible through Slyk.

Entrepreneurs who have understood this and put it into practice are not only freer but are beginning to be ambassadors of that sovereignty for their clients and communities. Slyk creates an unprecedented synergy between seller and consumer in which there is no conflict of interest. Instead, they share a purpose and mutual benefit.

Start your Slykigai journey to freedom

Whether with a defined business model or just an idea, you can use Slyk to offer your products and services to everyone who needs it. All you have to do is visit and register in Early Access. Once you receive the invitation link, you can set up your e-store and start selling in just minutes.

The Slykigai Program is available to everyone who is interested in discovering their purpose, as well as to those who know it and wish to strengthen it. You can request it after your registration in the confirmation email itself or by sending a quick email to You can also write to me directly at I love hearing from people!

The invitation is open to everyone and costs nothing to start. Activate your community and create great things together.

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